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June 24-28, 2019


Kyma Undulators



Kyma is a recognized industrial company, fully focused on the design, manufacturing, characterization and commissioning of Permanent Magnet devices, which supplies both equipment and services, as follow:


  • Linearly polarizing undulators (LPU)
  • Elliptically polarizing undulators (EPU)
  • Hybrid undulators and wigglers
  • In-vacuum undulators
  • Phase shifters
  • Permanent magnet blocks (NdFeB, SmCo)
  • Pure Permanent Magnets based dipoles, quadrupoles, etc.

  • Design, studies and consultancy
  • Design of magnetic structures
  • Magnetic measurements and characterization
  • Refurbishment of obsolete insertion devices



Kyma S.r.l.

S.S. 14 – Km 163,5 in AREA Science Park

IT-34149 Trieste

Italy, EU


T: +39 040 375 8472

F: +39 040 375 8029





Registration Number: TS 127062

Tax ID Number: IT01131640326