FEL 2017

Meet us at FEL 2017

FEL 2017 will focus on recent advances in free electron laser theory, experiments, electron beam technology and some applications of free electron lasers.

The 38th International Free Electron Laser Conference FEL 2017  will hold at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA from August 20th to August 25th, 2017.

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Meet us at Workshop Exhibitor Area

IMMW20 is week long event, with the aim of providing a forum for presentations and open discussions on the equipment and techniques used to measure, characterise, and fiducialise magnetic fields - typically of accelerator magnets and insertion devices.

Kyma is happy to meet you at IMMW20 Exhibitor Area and Workshop Dinner we are pleased to sponsor.

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IPAC 2017

Meet us at Booth 45

IPAC'17 is the eighth International Particle Accelerator Conference, a conference that rotates annually between Asia/Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. Since 2010, IPAC has been the premier event in the field of particle accelerators, attracting over 1,500 scientists, engineers, and students from accelerator laboratories and universities around the world.

The conference will be held at the BELLA CENTER, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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IPAC 2016

IPAC'16, the Seventh International Particle Accelerator Conference, is an annual rendevouz place where accelerator scientists, engineers, students and industrial vendors from different part of the world share ideas and exchange information on the cutting edge of accelerator science and technology.

This year, IPAC will be held in Busan, Korea, from May 8-13, 2016 at BEXCO Convention Center.

Kyma will be present at the industrial exhibition, and will be happy to welcome you at Booth No. 316.


MEDSI 2016

Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation (MEDSI) conference offers the opportunity to engineers and scientist to confront and share ideas on mechanical design and engineering of synchrotron-based instrumentation. 

MEDSI 2016 will be held in Cosmocaixa, the science museum of Barcelona, from September, 11th to September16th, 2016.

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