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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Synchrotron light?

The synchrotron light source is a source of electromagnetic radiation produced by electron accelerators, conveyed into micrometrically collimated beams that are selected according to the wavelength and transferred through the lines of light at the stations of use and size.

Synchrotron light is unique in intensity and consistency, capable of revealing details of the materials otherwise inaccessible, and allow the manipulation of information in many areas: from electronics to environmental sciences, from engineering to medicine and materials for micro and nanotechnology.

What is Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste?

Elettra is leader company in the design, manufacturing and characterization an international multidisciplinary center of excellence, specializing in the production of synchrotron light source and its use for the study of matter in its various states of aggregation: solid, liquid and gas.


What is Kyma?

Kyma is the leader company in the design, manufacturing and characterization of insertion devices focused on accelerator technology.


What is Kyma Tehnologija?

Kyma Tehnologija D.O.O. was established in july 2008 as a Slovenian subsidiary company of Kyma Srl.
Kyte, this is how we call it, is running a fully equipped laboratory (in a large climate room, with a temperature control of better than 0,5 deg C in operating) where all the activities relevant to magnetic aspect of insertion device realization are carried out, with particular reference to the final magnetic assembly and characterization.